TracykidheadshotWho is Tracy Larrua?

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.  Noooooo, actually that was a line from the movie “Notting Hill.”  I’m just a girl from a little seaside town on the island of O’ahu called Kane’ohe.  When I was a kid in school, I always wrote.  Pen, pencil, colored markers and paper were my best friends.  I got good grades in my English class for writing creative stories and poems.  I liked organizing parties.  My first “special event” was in the 6th grade when I planned a super secret gathering after school behind the classroom portables for couples only.  It was epic.  We stood around in an awkward circle and talked.  I think now they might call that networking.

In high school, I was very involved in theatre and dance.  Even though I enjoyed performing on stage, and later became a dancer and choreographer, I was more interested in designing and developing the on-stage experiences for the audience from behind the scenes.  From there, I started in the advertising business and worked my way up the ladder.  Along the way, I’d always be asked to coordinate a party, book signing, or special event.  I’m guessing it was because of my super Type A personality, organizing skills, or because they had no one else that was crazy enough to tackle the project.

Either way, I found that I loved that type of work, had a natural affinity for it, and segued into public relations.  I love what I have been doing for quite some time now, and more so, I love helping other nice folks get their stories out into the world.  I’m sort of grown up now.  I live and work between my ex-home of Los Angeles, and my home of Hawai’i where I was raised.  I’ve taken all of my mentoring, traveling, arts, life, and work experiences and created Poi Planet.  It’s a simple concept really.  And it’s written in my mission statement here:

“Communications services for the little guy (and then some)
because everyone deserves the chance to be heard.”

I hope we can create together soon!