The Fun of Business Travel


There was a time in my corporate PR life where business travel was all about rushing to the destination, running around with a jam-packed itinerary, going in and out of meetings, and not having any time at all to experience the city.  Well, that was a long time ago.  Luckily for me, business travel is still a bit of work, but  at least a bit more fun.  Ok, I confess.  It is a lot more fun.  Case in point, on a recent business trip to LA with the team from KoAloha Ukulele.  We were there to participate in a large community festival in downtown LA with the lovely folks from JANM (Japanese American National Museum).  Performances and a few meetings were on the schedule, but was balanced out with a few activities.

What activities you ask?  Well, no visit to S. California is complete without a visit to see Mickey and the gang at Disneyland.  Did I mention that we are all adults?  And that the team is comprised of all men and I’m the only woman?  When I’m hanging out with them, I’m just one of the dudes in the group.  We go on rides, check out the attractions, and basically ate our way through the park.  Another visit was made to Universal Studios Hollywood, where for years, I assisted the LA Tourism Board with bringing journalists there, yet I hadn’t gone to experience it myself in many years.  All I can tell you about that park is that you must go on the Transformers ride.  Thankfully, I didn’t puke, but instead found myself screaming and laughing along with the rest of the team.  And that’s the point of it all-  bonding, spending time together, and just allowing ourselves a little break.

In between the work and activities, there are the usual stops at the neighborhood Nijiya market for snacks, the mandatory stop at Cafe Dulce for a box of bacon donuts and local coffee by Stumptown Roasters, and meals at local restaurants such as Daikokuya, El Coyote, and at least one stop through the drive through for In-n-Out Burger or Del Taco.  Oh and… Joe’s Crab Shack!  Friends and colleagues have actually asked me if they could join me on one of these trips because they sound like so much fun?  My answer is this:  “Sure, as long as you can pay your way and handle the pranking to be had.”  Didn’t I tell you?  The guys like to pull pranks all along the way.  And I do mean ALL the way, literally from the time you sit in your seat on the plane.  That in itself is another story.  Still I’d take this type of business travel over the old trips I used to take, any day.  Until the next one…