We Do Weddings (Sorta)



What do weddings and special events have in common?  Everything.  A wedding is an event that needs the same type of care, detail, and special event management just like concerts, fundraisers, and benefits do.  The biggest difference though is that with a wedding, there is a couple involved and lots of emotion.  I rarely do these types of gigs because they are extremely hectic, but mostly, weddings can get a little… crazy.  I’ve made exceptions throughout the years and have come on board as “wedding coordinator” and executed beautiful gatherings from the backyard of a multi-million dollar home in Santa Monica, all the way to a private residence on top of a mountain in Honolulu.  The most recent one was held a few weeks ago on the island of Kauai–  overlooking the crashing Pacific Ocean and nothing but blue skies and white fluffy clouds.

I gave a very dear friend my pr services as a wedding gift.  I was so happy to do this because she is a very close pal that I’ve known since she was practically a teenager, and I’ve had a front row seat to watching her journey to bumping into Mr. Right.  Besides, I wanted to make sure she got married!  LOL!  The bride, based in L.A., had already gotten many things done way ahead of time which was wonderful, but if you work in my business, you know that the real deal goes down about 30 days out as it gets closer to the event date.  That’s when things can go awry, communication gets lost in translation, you learn you have a careless catering manager to work with, and horror of all horrors–  deliveries can get lost while being shipped from the mainland to the venue (this actually happened and at this writing, the boxes are still somewhere out at sea on a Matson ship.)

My job is to turn on the events management mode button and make sure that everything behind the scenes is being addressed and taken care of, so that on the surface, all is well.  So while the bride is waiting in the taxi limo with her bridesmaids, she doesn’t see me talking to the catering manager about the missing leis.  And just as she’s about to walk down the aisle, she doesn’t see us redistributing flowers from the spiral walkway into the basket so that the flower girl has something to toss.  And she certainly doesn’t learn (until later) that the so-called wedding musician dared to fight me on sound system placement at the reception tent.  Seriously, I could write a book.  But in the end, it is a beautifully heartfelt executed ceremony that leaves everyone in tears.  Exactly what I had planned.