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The writing flowed on this day.

The writing flowed on this day.

I was lucky to attend the recent Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) Creative Lab event with Meg LeFauve, known for her script and one of my favorite films, Inside Out. I’m one who is always interested in learning more and especially learning from others that I admire in the business. Oh man, this was a real treat for me. When she explained her creative process, I found many things that she said to be in alignment with how I approach my work (and think). I was so inspired by her words that after being prodded by my business partner, Guy Hess, and friends/colleagues, Robert Lambeth and Georja Skinner, I decided that I would work on writing my own material.

In my business as a publicist or a PR professional, it is a large part of my job to create strong story angles and write for others, for clients, and help tell their story. Now I have the chance to get over my fear and write for ME. Wow, what a concept. I’ve kept journals my entire life. I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I remember writing a crazy story about a family of cockroaches that my 5th grade teacher was impressed with. But I never thought of writing for me, for myself, for my own pleasure… until now. Why now? Well, I think it has a large part to do with aging, maturing, and wanting to leave something behind. Also I’ve had quite an interesting life and so many funny things have happened along the way, that I feel like I should share them.

This past weekend, I invested time in myself and attended the third annual Ko’olau Writer’s Workshop at Hawaii Pacific University (the former Hawaii Loa College) and to my surprise, I had a BLAST. I attended the first one that my pal, Tyler McMahon, coordinated a few years ago, but I mean this time- I took in every word, soaked up everything the guest speakers had to say, listened and leaned way into the guest poetry speaker’s well crafted words. I was like a kid in a candy shop. While I was trying to look professional and pulled together on the outside, I was screaming with joy on the inside. Some of my writing colleagues might say I’m late to the game and a bunch of my friends in LA where I lived for a long time, will say “finally Tracy!” Its all good. I’m where I’m supposed to be right now. Or make that write now;)

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